Sunday, September 4, 2011

"To Live Would Be an Awfully Great Adventure"

Hello Family and Friends!
So, yesterday was a bank holiday here in England so the library wasn't open, ergo why I am emailing today. So my daughter's name is Sister Stout and she is super nice. She is from Arizona (about an hour south of Las Vegas) and is abut 6 inches taller than me. I was pretty nervous about training but it's actually going pretty well. Plus she has a black belt so she can help me fend off the little children of Redcar now. It's also made me realize how far I have come in the past 6 months. I remember feeling so nervous and so overwhelmed when I first got here, but it now seems to come a lot easier now, something my trainer promised me everyday and something I promise my daughter everyday.
Yesterday, some pretty epic events happened. The first of which should come as no surprise to anyone and that is that after 6 months of fierce competition I finally won my first game of chair football! To be honest, it was a long time coming and I'm really grateful that I was finally able to achieve such great an accomplishment. After we played that we also played a game called Gatorball which my team continued to dominate in. We were all just really feeling the spirit and thus were able to work together really well. After that we watched Hook (hence the title of the email), which is on the approved movie list. Probably those who know me well know that Hook scared the bajeezies out of me when I was little and mom had to get me dreamcatchers so I would stop having nightmares from it. Luckily, I've grown up a bit so it wasn't as scary anymore, but some parts still gave me the shivers (especially the "boom box" with the scorpions).
Yesterday was also a really good day because I was able to witness a pretty neat miracle. A couple of days ago we were walking down the street and I saw this man ahead of us that was just about to cross the road. I felt like I should talk to him but he ended up crossing the road. I felt really bad that I didn't shout and stop him (the spirit was definitely rebuking me) and so without warning my companion, I ran across the road (dodging some traffic) and chased him down an alleyway. I was able to get a return appointment with him for last night. It turns out he is from the Philippines and his uncle and cousin were taught by missionaries (probably Keith Bradford) there and were baptized. He said he had sat in on some of the lessons back in the Philippines and had read about half of the Book of Mormon. We were able to talk with him and his wife last night and schedule a baptismal date for them! It was so amazing and really strengthened my testimony about following the promptings of the spirit. The church is so true!
Well, I've gotta bounce now and get back to doing some missionary work (which is going to involve a lot of walking because we don't have any miles left for the month --- which is not my fault because I gave some of our miles to the zone leaders because I'm just a super nice person like that). I hope you all have a tremendously good week! Don't forget to eat sweets sparingly!
Sister Smith

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