Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes"

Hello Family and Friends!
So, as you can see I'm emailing on Tuesday which means that it's time for transfers! Obviously my companion, Sister Lamb, is being transferred back to her homeland of Missouri which means I am getting a new companion and her name is... Sister Delucchi. She actually came out the same time I did but she went straight to the Preston MTC. We've only met a couple of times but we are already best friends so I know these next 6 weeks are going to be good. She's from Las Vegas so we pretty much are just going to party all the time (in missionary appropriate fashion of course).
This week was a pretty good week for us. In the mission they have something called "The Standards of Excellence" and they're goals for each team to try to reach each week such as how many lessons you taught and how many investigators come to church. They're pretty hard to reach but this week Sister Lamb and I were able to amaze the people of Redcar and meet Standards! So that was really exciting especially since Redcar was really struggling when we first got here and now it's doing really well!
Something else really neat is how well the girl that was baptized two weeks ago is doing. Like I was saying, she is really shy and that is why she wouldn't get baptized in the past. But she has become a lot more confident now and a lot more comfortable at church and with everyone there. It's amazing how much the gift of the Holy Ghost can help people grow and progress and I'm grateful that I get to see it happen.
Our 4th of July Pday was epic! Our watergun/water ballon fight was amazing and I know you would all be so proud of me. We broke up into teams and I helped create our team's strategy and it was so good. The Special Forces have probably found out about it already and are making plans to try and recruit me. I wouldn't be surprised. We then had a BBQ and my burger, which I grilled myself, turned out pretty good. The Food Network has already contacted me to be a contestant on the Next Food Network Star but I turned it down, naturally. The winners on that show never make it big.
Well, that's pretty much it for now. I hope you all have a grand week and when you all go and see the midnight showing of HP7P2 think of me because it's pretty much my life right now. I love you all and miss you tons!!
Sister Smith

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