Sunday, September 4, 2011

"It's Chucking It Down"

Hello Family and Friends!
So, this past week was pretty crazy with transfers and everything. Sister Lamb went home, naturally, and Sister DeLucchi came here to Redcar. I am the driver now though and that is a bit scary. I don't have any problems driving on the other side of the road, I really just have problems getting used to driving a manual. It was super frustrating the first day because I just kept stalling every time I tried to go into first but each day it gets easier and by the end I'll probably be ready for NASCAR. Sister DeLucchi is taking her driving lessons next week so that'll be good because then I wont have to do all the driving.
Yesterday it was "chucking it down" as the English like to say.  It was absolutely pouring, but don't worry I was a careful driver. You'd think for a place that gets a lot of rain they would have a better drainage system. If a natural disaster does hit England it will probably be flooding but let's hope nothing like that happens while I'm so close to the sea. It's sunny right now but it looks like it might start raining again soon. Fun!
There wasn't a lot of hype here about HP7P2 which was kinda disappointing but maybe that's just because I live in missionary world and not the real world.
Other than that nothing too exciting has happened this past week. Just knocking doors and spreading the gospel amongst the people of Redcar. One of our investigators is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday which is really exciting so everyone pray that it will all work out!
Yeah, I hope you are all doing okay! I miss you like crazy but I know this is where I need to be right now. Keep smiling and watch out for Voldemort!
Sister Smith

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