Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Super Glue & Super Gator"

Hiya Family and Friends!
So this week was pretty good but it was also pretty busy. It's harder taking over an area than I thought. You have to make a lot of the decisions of where we are going to go and who we are going to see and making decisions really isn't my forte but I'm working on it. Plus, it's really all about feeling guided by the Spirit as to where we need to go so I think we'll be alright.
Super glue is truly magical. About two transfers ago (12 weeks) the bottom of my shoe started falling off and was almost completely off but I used a little bit of Super Glue and it was just like new. It happened again last week and I just put on some more Super Glue and it looks like it'll last for another 12 weeks again before it needs another touch up. It's remarkable. (I feel like that could have been a commercial for Super Glue, it's really my PR side starting to shine through).
As for Super Gators, we were at our Egyptian friend's house for tea (dinner) on Saturday and when we got there he was watching this crazy internationalesque movie about a Super Gator going against some sort of mutated Dinosaur. It was really weird and the graphics were really bad, not that I was watching it, I could just see it in my peripherals.
The weather has just been going back and forth all week. Some days it is really cold and other days its really nice. Today it feels nice but it's also super cloudy so it might rain some, but such is life.
Last Monday we went to Whitby, the home of Dracula. It was actually pretty fun. We walked up the famous 199 steps to the church and Abbey ruins. It was kinda creepy though because there were grave stones everywhere and when we went into the church it was super old and gothic. They even had this baby doll  modeling christening clothes and it was 84 years old. It reminded my of Chuckie and so I just said a quick prayer in my head and walked away. But the Abbey ruins were really neat and there were some really neat little shops around as well. I also had my first fish and chips there and they were really good but really greasy. The town reminded me a lot of Weir Beach in New Hampshire because of the rows of shops and arcades that were there. It's also right next to the shore. But yeah, that was my fun adventure for the week. I'm going to try to email some pictures to you all after I send this email.
Well, I hope you all are doing well! I love getting all your emails and letters and hearing about what life is like back in the States. By the way, I heard the US economy is going to crash today, is that true? The English can be a bit dramatic sometimes when they tell us stuff so I never know how serious things are. I love and miss you all tons!!!!!! Keep dancing like there's no tomorrow!
Sister Smith

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