Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Billingham Boanerges

Hello Family and Friends!
So as you can see from the subject this past week has been pretty good. My companion and I won a competition that our zone was having and we were awarded the ever so coveted Billingham Boanerges belt. It's basically a plastic wrestling belt that has been blinged out. Boangerges is a New Testament term and basically means sons (or daughters) of thunder. Jesus uses it in Mark 3:17 in talking about James and John. But now I am part of the Hall of Fame and hopefully we can keep holding on to it.
The fire alarm just went off in the library so we all had to leave for about 10 minutes so that was overly exciting and a bit dramatic.
It has been super windy here the last couple of days. Like, sometimes it is extremely hard to walk against the wind and you feel like you are barely moving. Plus, it's super fun getting to wear a skirt when it's windy. Yesterday we went to York for a Mission Tour meeting (hence why I am emailing today) and yours truly drove all the way there and back with three rowdy elders in the back. Just kidding they really weren't that rowdy but it was still super windy and the car kept swaying on the highway. A bit scary but it was all good.
The Mission Tour was really good. We received instruction from Elder Donaldson, one of the area authorities here, and it was really great. He talked about faith and said that we not only need to have the faith to pray but also have a prayer of faith. We need to make sure we are constantly pondering the things we pray for and sincerely ponder the answer we receive as well. He explained that when we act on our faith we gain power to do the Lord's will. It was super good.
Well, that's pretty much all of the super exciting things that have happened this past week. Of course, we continue to see many amazing miracles everyday and that's the blessing of being a missionary. I love you and miss you all tons!!!!!! Keep smiling and don't forget to clean behind your ears.
Sister Smith

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