Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Left Side and The Clutch

Don't worry, I'm alive. We finally were able to go to Forbidden Corners yesterday and because of poor planning on the parts of some of the leaders in the zone we didn't get back in time to email so we are emailing now. But before I tell you about Forbidden Corners, let me tell you about my 2 hour driving lesson on Monday. So all the American missionaries have to take 2 hours of lessons before we are allowed to drive, a mission rule. So I took my lesson on Monday but it wasn't just the left side of the road that I had to get used to. Almost all the cars in England are manuals and those who are close to me know that I have never driven a manual before in my entire life. So, right away I knew it was going to be a fun lesson. My driving instructor was from India and had a pretty thick Indian accent and I was his first American student (he may have taught a Canadian before but he can't remember). Surprisingly though I wasn't too bad. I only stalled the car 4 times in 2 hours and I only kinda hit one car. But I didn't really do anything to it, just the side mirror hit it and the instructor was like "It's okay... just keep going". So that was a bit dodgy but I'm good to drive now! Watch out England! It's not hard keeping to the left hand side of the road, it's really just harder making sure you are driving in the center of the lane and not driving too far to the left. So yeah, that's that.
Oh, and I'm staying in Redcar! I knew I would. Sister Lamb is staying here too and she'll finish her mission here so I'll probs be here for 2 more transfers which should be fun. Sister Lomiga is going back to her old area where she just came from. It'll be sad not to be in a trio anymore but all good things have to come to an end.
Forbidden Corners: The Strangest Place in the World. That is the tagline and it truly rings true. It was super weird. Basically this old rich man decided to turn his home and back garden into an attraction and put really weird things in it. Some of it was actually really cool and the grounds were neat to walk around. It was pretty much a castle with underground tunnels and what not. Probably the weirdest part were these singing rats (which looked liked ROUS's (Rodents of Unusual Size)) and they were singing this creepy demonic song and the chorus went "The cat is here. The cat is here. The cat is here." The spirit definitely did not reside in that part. Anywho, it was quite the experience that I will probably never forget even if I try to suppress the memory.
On Sunday, President Monson and Elder Perry spoke to all of England during a regional conference so it was good to hear them speak. President Monson spoke a lot about reaching out to others and bringing the blessings of the gospel into their lives so that was good to hear. Elder Perry talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father and Christ.
Also, yesterday the most exciting thing happened in Redcar since it was being bombed during WWII, there was a beached whale on the shore. It was actually pretty sad. By the time we got to see it, these scientists were performing an autopsy on it in front of the hundreds of people that came to see it. It was pretty big, 44 feet. And guess how they are planning on getting rid of it, blowing it up. I was astonished when I found out. That just doesn't seem right to me. I think there is another way, people are just lazy when it comes to the proper burial of nature's largest mammals. It's a shame.
Well, I should probs get going. I love and miss you all with my entire being!! Keep smiling and keep your chins up!
Sister Smith

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  1. oh man, I love her so much!! She is so hilarious and so optimistic and such an awesome missionary! Keep these letters coming--they are great!