Monday, May 30, 2011

First Sunburn of the Season

Hola Family and Friends:
So nothing terribly exciting happened this past week. However, we didn't get anything thrown at us and no one threw beef stew on our car so that was an improvement. One couple actually gave us a package of chocolates last night which was nice of them. Don't worry they were in a sealed bag and I already ate them (naturally) and I'm still kickin' so I'm pretty sure they weren't poisoned. There was also a fair in Redcar this week but it looked kinda lame and there were just a bunch of chavs (definition: grungy teenagers stuck in the 90s) there. It seemed like all the excitement there was caused by the drama being created by the chavs. The Southboro fair a few years back was definitely better than this one. They didn't even have the big ship ride at this one. Unacceptable. And they call cotton candy "candy floss" here. If you ask me it has a more cottony feel to it than flossy.
The weather here has been kinda weird. As indicated in the subject I got my first sunburn of the season this week. I'm rockin' a pretty sweet tan line on my feet as well with the shoes I'm wearing. I'll take a picture for you all because I know you want to see it. But it has also been super windy. Like it's been hard to walk sometimes because the wind is pushing us back so much. It's no wonder Mary Poppins had a hard time staying on the ground with her umbrella. The cloud movement is also incredibly fast. I'm watching it now out the window as I type this email and I'm just amazed at the speed this nimbuses are moving at. It's mind blowing.
Transfers are next week so I won't be emailing until Tuesday. I'm not really sure what is going to happen at transfers. I'll probably stay here in Redcar which is okay with me because I'm kinda just starting to get used to everything here. Out of what is now being called the "Trio of Life", one of us will most likely get transferred. Next transfer is Sister Lamb's last one before she goes home. At first she thought she would get transferred but now she is not sure. Sister Lomiga could also get transferred. But everyone is pretty positive that I'll stay here which is fine with me.
I also have a video on my camera from last week when we went on this playground and I went on this one part that is highly dangerous for anyone under the age of 20 to go on. It's hard to explain but once you see the video you'll understand the danger involved. Let's just say you're whipping around in circles and by the end you feel like you wanna throw up. There were other highly dangerous parts of the playground that I have yet to encounter.
Well, I should probably get going but I love and miss you all tons!!! Thanks for everything you do for me! I hope you all have stellar weeks!!
Sister Smith

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these! I miss her but it sounds like she is doing ok. Thanks again!