Monday, May 30, 2011

The Forbidden P-Day 5/9/11

Bonjour Family and Friends:
So, today for p-day we (the zone) had planned to go to this place called the Forbidden Corner which I think is like a maze/scavenger hunt place, anyway it's suppose to be a really fun place. So we left the task in the trusty hands of our amazing zone leaders to figure out. We got a voicemail from them at 11:00 last night telling us we needed to be at one of the chapels at 8:30 a.m. to go (don't worry, the mission president said it was all okay). So we get to the chapel at 8:37 (fashionably late of course) and no one is there. So we call the zone leaders to find out they had gotten in a car accident on their way to the chapel. The best part of the story is how they got in the accident while playing the game to see how many people you can get to wave back at you when you wave at them. One of the zone leaders was in the passenger seat and had waved to someone and everyone in the car was looking to see if she would wave back and before they knew it they had hit the person in front of them and smoke was coming out of the hood.  So thus ended our trip to the Forbidden Corner. We had to go pick them up and then we all went to one of the chapels where I yet again dominated in chair football and we watched 2 of the work and the glory movies. Sister Lindley (the mission president's wife) did the costumes for it. And that has been my P-day thus far. I just hope we dont have to give them our car to use especially since this is the second accident the elder who was driving has got in on his mission. And he really has no excuse because he's English. We shall see.
Nothing else too exciting has happened since I spoke to you all on the phone yesterday. You all looked well which is good and there were some changes in hairdos which is always nice to see.  Just think, two more phone calls and I'll be home. It's really not that far away.  Tomorrow night and on Wednesday we are doing exchanges and I am the only one in my companionship staying here in Redcar so I'll kinda be taking over the area for a couple days which is kinda nerve-racking. I guess we'll get to see how well I really know the area.  We shall see.
There really isn't much left to say. But I love you all and miss you tons! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Don't forget to brush your teeth. If you don't, they'll fall out. Just ask anyone in England.
Sister Smith

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