Monday, May 30, 2011

"They're gathering stones" 5/16/11

Hello Family and Friends:
This week has kinda been a weird week. We had a zone conference in York on Tuesday which was actually really good. Before we went to the meeting we went over to see the West Minster Abbey which was really neat. And the city of York is actually surrounded by a stone wall. It kinda felt a little bit like Robin Hood and I was pretty much just hoping we wouldn't get sniped by some archers. The meeting was also really good. It focused around Joseph Smith and President Lindley shared some really neat things about the prophet and all the things he went through in his life. It really strengthened my testimony about him and about his service to the Lord.
So I was nervous about working in Redcar for a few days without my trainer but it actually went pretty well. We even met this 17-year-old girl, Holly, whose mom let us teach her and we scheduled for her to be baptized on May 28th. However, it was later on in the week that things started getting a little rough. I'm pretty sure the children of Redcar have made a secret pact with eachother to torment us. When we went back to see Holly later on in the week her little brother (I think he was 11) was there and started yelling at us to go away and that Holly didn't want to see us. We started knocking some other doors on the street and this 11-year-old kid gathered his friends and started taunting us and were gathering stones and I think one of them tried to throw one. It was actually really funny but at the same time annoying because it's hard to talk to people when you have a posse of children yelling at you.
But don't worry, it gets better. Last night pretty much the same thing happened in a different neighborhood with different children. The only difference is that instead of throwing rocks they were chucking candy at us. Luckily they ran out of candy and had to go back to the store to get some more. And a couple of people whose doors we were knocking on yelled at them and told them to go away. And we were able to get return appointments with those people as well so it all worked out in the end. Oh and at one point last night we parked our car and left it for at most 7 minutes and when we came back someone had thrown bread and some sort of beef stew all over the car. So that was fun and we took some good pictures with it. We just figure we must be on the verge of something really great or Satan wouldn't be trying so hard to get us down.
Well, that is pretty much all the fun and interesting news that I have.  I'm still just trying to take it one day at a time. Some days are better than others  but that is to be expected. I hope everything is going well with all of you! I miss you all so much and I love you! Be happy!
Sister Smith

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