Monday, May 30, 2011

Chocolate Wasted 4/28/11

Friends and Family,
There is really no need to threaten excommunication when I go a few days without emailing. If any of you were interested in the lack of email you would have seen that Monday was a bank holiday here in England so all the libraries were closed. Plus we had meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday so today was the first day that we were able to email. So, there is another bank holiday this Monday as well so I wont be emailing till Tuesday (I think). After that it should go back to regular until the first week in June when we have transfers and I'll email on Tuesday. It's all very simple.
Nothing too exciting has been happening this week. Still trekking along, some days are better than others. Tuesday was actually really good though because my trainer had to go to Leadership Training so I got to go out with the sisters who serve in the Leeds area. Leeds is a bit nicer than Redcar so it was interesting and fun to serve in a different type of area. And I got to be with a group of sisters which was fun because it's always fun to be with other missionaries. I was a lot more bold though than I usually am and I learned a lot while serving with them.
The new sister serving with us is Sister Lomiga. She is from California and she is Samoan. She has been out for six months and she is really nice. It's interesting being in a trio again. I've actually spent more time in a trio on my mission than I have in a regular companionship. It has it's pros and cons to it but it's good.
I've seen the ads for the latest Fast and Furious movie. It looks like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are really trying to give Littlefoot a run for his money with the longest running film series. The Land Before Time does have a bit of an advantage seeing as though it is animated and I'm pretty sure they didn't use the same voice actors for each movie. At least The Rock is getting in on the action now. I always though him and Vin should do a movie together because they look a lot alike. Are they related in the movie? (Not that that question will get answered because no one ever answers questions that I ask in emails...) 
Anywho, the Royal Wedding is quickly approaching seeing as it is tomorrow. People here either act really excited about it or they try to act nonchalant about the whole ordeal, but they all are going to watch it. Right now we are planning on doing some service for some members with hopes that we might get to see what it all looks like.
So, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Oh and the subject refers to my Easter endeavours. We had a lot of people give us chocolate and you can't just turn them done. I have enough to last me at least a couple of weeks which is nice and comforting. Well, I should probably get going but I love you all and miss you tons! Thank you so much for everything you do for me!
Sister Smith

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