Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eat Like An Egyptian 6/20/11

Hello Family and Friends!
So this week turned out to be a pretty good week. The beginning was pretty rough because we were having a hard time finding people that wanted to talk to us and a lot of people were flogging our appointments. But the end of the week turned out to be pretty miraculous. Probably the most exciting thing happened Satuday night. It was abut 8:30 p.m. and we only had a 1/2 hour before we had to be at our flat. We decided to start knocking this street and prayed for a miracle that we might be able to find some new people to teach. Right before 9:00 we knocked on this door and this man answered and even though at first he wasn't too interested he ended up invited us in and we were able to talk to him and his wife and son. It was a miracle! God answers prayers, the church is true, the end.
We also had a pretty interesting week dietary wise. On Thursday, we made dinner for the branch presidency here and we decided to cook them the sweet pork from Cafe Rio (my peeps from Utah should know what this is about) and it actually turned out pretty good. No one died so I'm considering it a success.As for the subject of this email, that is an even better story. So there is this take away place here in Redcar called Medo's and it is owned by a guy named Medo. Whenever we get pizza or parmos (a takeaway delicacy from this part of England) we always get it from Medo's and he knows us pretty well and can even recognize our voices when we call. Now, I'm not saying we eat there a lot but there aren't too many American girls living in Redcar so we are pretty easy to spot. Anywho, they love us there and Medo is actually from Egypt. His dad,Nasr, works with him and when we went in earlier in the week his dad invited us to come over on Saturday night to eat Egyptian food. Naturallym we agreed and went over. He cooked us potatoes and mushrooms stuffed in ground beef, chicken wings, rice with shrimp, salmon and for dessert we had fruit salad. Needless to say, I was absolutely full by the end of the meal but it was all really good! And Nasr pretty much loves us and told us we could call him "dad" if we wanted to. He's Muslim and said he wasn't interested in changing religions but who knows, in due time he might decide to get baptized. 
As for my attempt to not eat as much chocolate this transfer, it's been pretty difficult, but it's not my fault. I'm not buying any chocolate but people keep giving me chocolate and it's extremely rude to turn chocolate down. Yesterday for instance, I was given three chocolate bars by all different people. So really I'm just trying to be polite.
I also got a picture by the oldest lifeboat in the world the other day. I know you are all probably super jealous right now because it is probably a bucket list item for many of you to have that experience but don't worry I'll take you to it after my mission. Don't fret.
All the rain that was missing when I first got here found it's way back. It has been raining a lot here recently and when it rains it pours. Or as the English like to say "It's chucking it down". Today though there are no clouds in the sky and it looks promising that it'll be a nice day.
Well, I should probably get going. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there (especially my own :)) I hope you all have fantastic weeks! 
Sister Smith 

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