Monday, June 27, 2011

The Mayor of Redcar

Hello Family and Friends!!
So, as you can see this week has been pretty eventful. I was voted the official mayor of Redcar, naturally. Just kidding, naturally. But I did meet the mayor of Redcar. It was Armed Forces Day on Saturday and there was a parade in the High Street so we went down to check it out and try to proselyte among the people congregated there. This guy Eric, who is married to one of the members of the branch (I was at his house when I called home on Mother's Day), was the parade marshall and is also a member of the council here in Redcar, a very prominent member of society so he pretty much knows everyone. He introduced me and Sister Lamb to the mayor.  Apparently though, she really doesn't have much say in the political aspect of life, she's really just more of a symbollic figure in society, if you know what I mean. But anywho, I figure it's my first step to meeting the queen so I feel pretty good about it.We also saw this plane do tricks in the air so that was pretty cool.
It's getting pretty hot here now, at least for England. It was about 80 yesterday and it's suppose to be in the 80s today as well. Don't worry though, I am wearing sunscreen.  The longest day of the year was this past week as well. It stays light outside until like 11:00 p.m., it's crazy! But everyone says its all downhill now until Christmas. They say it'll be dark around 4:00 during the winter months. Fun! But hey, it's only one winter so I think I can survive.
Oh, I saw a picture of Justin Bieber yesterday and was surprised that no one informed me that he cut his hair shorter. Thanks.
We found a lot of new people to teach last week which was really good and everything else is going pretty well. Last week on Pday we watched Rocky but they fast forwarded through all the "boring" parts and just watched the training and the fight scene at the end. Today we were going to go to a driving range (I know, me at a driving range, crazy) but not everyone wanted to go so we're not. We'll probably do a barbeque next week for the 4th of July and go around singing the national anthem while we post the Declaration of Independence on everyone's doors. That seems like the most subtle way of going about and celebrating the anniversary of our freedom from this land. How does that sound?
Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you, probably because I'm ashamed of it, but I have killed more snails here in England than I have in my entire life. They are everywhere and they are always in my line of walking. And it's really not my fault because when it's raining and I have my hood on it really limits my viewing and I don't know I've even stepped on them until I hear this loud crunch. It's sad, and I feel horrible about it.
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Keep smiling and watch out for snails!
Sister Smith

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