Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust 6/13/11

Good morning friends and family!
First off, there has been a major development this week in media approval among the missionaries serving in the England Leeds Mission. President Lindley has officially approved a new movie list for us. We used to only be able to watch animated movies on p-day, but President Lindley wanted us to be able to watch inspirational movies as well in order to lift us up more, what a gem. He let us all write in movies that we thought would be appropriate and then the zone leaders met with him last week to finalize the list. Yours truly had the brilliant idea to nominate Mighty Ducks, which got approved, hence the subject of the email. Surprisingly and questionably, Rocky also got approved... not that I'm complaining or anything, just shocked. Unfortunately, Cool Runnings did not make the cut. One zone leader brought to the attention of President Lindley that there is some swearing in the film. So, me and Coach Bombay are going to hang out this afternoon and try to find a way to beat the vicious Iceland team which will be fun!
The subject of the email also refers to yet another driving incident by the zone leaders. They got their car back a few weeks ago and the elder who got into the accident the first time has been suspended from his driving privileges for three months. However, yesterday the other one was driving and we are not sure what happened yet but they drove into the back of someone. Classic. They said they can still drive their car but it doesn't look very pretty. Silly boys. And people (and by people I'm strongly referring to an uncle of mine whose name rhymes with Moug) say that women are bad drivers.
The weather here this week has been pretty rainy. There was some hail (and no, dad, I'm not swearing) the other day that we were blessed to be out in knocking doors. We were greatly rewarded for it though because once it stopped we saw TWO full rainbows in the sky. One was right above the other one. So that was pretty neat. I am starting to realize though that my rain jacket isn't very waterproof so it's really just a regular jacket.
The missionary work here is good. We are just working on trying to find solid people to teach. A lot of people say we can talk with them but then give us false addresses or aren't home, ever. Don't worry though, I don't take it personally especially when they just read Jesus Christ on my name badge and slam the door. Silly people. We do have a couple of people that are genuinely interested so hopefully things will work out with them. Just pray for us!
Well, I should probably bounce now but I love and miss you all tons!! You are all fabulous and just remember to wear clothes when answering the door for people. You'd be surprised how many people don't.
Sister Smith

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