Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How I Lost My Companion.......

Hello Family!
So, I made it to the MTC! And, first I would like to give a shout out to kelly who sent me my first and only letter that I have received so far at the MTC. But don't worry, I still have 2 1/2 weeks here for you all to step up to the plate and send me a letter. You can even go to dearelder.com and do it there. It's very simple and very appreciated.
So, the first couple of days here haven't been bad at all. All the elders told us when we came here that the first four days were the worst but they have actually gone by pretty quickly for me. We are in the new pilot program here which only about 3 zones (out of a lot, there are 3 districts in a zone, and about 8 people in a district, and 2,000 missionaries at the MTC. You do the math, I don't have enough time). So the new training program is focused on teaching investigators rather than teaching lessons. Usually, missionaries only teach a couple times a week at the MTC but we teach multiple times a day. It's pretty cool and I know that all the practice will help me a lot more than just learning the lessons.
My companion is Sister Watts and she is super nice. She was a little overwhelmed the first couple of days but she is doing a lot better now and I think that she'll be okay. However, like I said in my subject there was a a wee-bit of a rough patch where we lost each other. I had to go to a meeting yesterday with the Zone Leaders because I was assigned to be the new coordinating sister for our branch. After the meeting the zone leaders brought me back to my classroom where I was suppose to meet my companion and the two other sisters (Sister Pierce and Sister Edmonds, who are also very nice) in our district but they weren't there. We waited but the fireside was starting soon and we were going to have to go to the overflow room anyway so we left. Then after going to the fireside with the elders I went back to the classroom and waited a few more minutes and luckily the sisters showed up. I guess they decided to go to the fireside early to get good seats and they saved me a seat there. So yeah, that's how I lost my companion for multiple hours.
So yeah, the classes are going really well. All my teachers are really great, a little intimidating right now because they know so much, but they help out a lot especially when we are teaching lessons. We are the only sisters in our whole zone which is cool and the elders are all really nice. One thing I have learned about elders is that they are such sweet spirits. They are a little naive to the world especially since a lot of them haven't lived away from home yet so doing things like laundry isn't their strong point but by the time they leave they are good to go.
Gym is probably the most relaxing part of the day since you don't really need to focus on anything, like falling asleep. I play vollyball with some of the other elders and sisters and I almost serve the ball over the net everytime. You would all be very proud of me, I know.
I haven't heard anything about my visa yet but I am going to go to the travel services desk today and see if they can help me figure it all out. I know I didn't want to come back to Utah at first but it was good to see all my friends again (especially Jack-attack) before I went into the MTC. I have also seen many of my friends that work here whether its in the cafeteria, the security staff or they're teachers. It makes me feel good when people yell Sister Smith across the room to me and I get to see a bright smiling face excited to see me. I even saw this boy (who's a teacher) who I randomly met last year when we started talking on campus once and at that point he had gotten home from his mission from England like a week before. We hadn't talked since then but we recognized eachother and he was super excited that I was going there.
 So yeah, everything is going really well. The straps on my carry-on bag broke when I got to the SLC airport but they have bags like that here so I think I will be okay on that front.  I leave here on March 14th, and hopefully I'll be going to England then but if not then probably somewhere around here until they get my visa figured out. Everyone in my district is going to texas and there is one other elder who is going to Scotland who was also suppose to go to the MTC in England but is waiting for a visa.
Well, my time is running out but I love you all very much and don't worry about me. Everything is going super well and I know this week is going to be even better. Love you and miss you tons!!
Sister Smith

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