Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dream Team.....

Hello all!
I hope everything is going well! Some of you have definitely stepped it up this week with your writing skills and I am thoroughly impressed!  Keep it up! When I get to England it is going to be 98 cents to send me a letter so embrace the free mail while you can.
As for going to England, I still haven´t been able to apply for my visa because I am still waiting for ¨sponsorship approval¨. No one really knows what that is exactly and I can´t ask my travel agent because I think I am annoying her. If someone wants to google it and let me know that would be great! But I am scheduled to leave for England a week from today, which probably wont happen. Today I´ll go to the travel services desk and ask them if I am going to get a temporary reassignment. If they say I am then the apostles will get together and issue me a new temporary reassignment. But everyone at travel services has assured me that I will get to England soon. Especially the girl that I met there that served in Leeds and got back about a year ago. She was super excited to meet me since most England missionaries dont come here. But if I do get a reassignment I will tell my roommate during breakfast who can relay the info to JPSY and Kelan and who then can tell the world.
Anywho, I suspect most of you understand that the subject of this email refers to my current status on the volleyball court. Early last week I was invited to join the ¨Dream Team¨ which consists of some elders from my zone and I accepted the invitation readily. We all understand that we are super good and can´t make the other teams look bad so we concentrate more on the style of our playing rather than the quantity of points we obtain. Some of our moves including kicking, punching and karate chopping the ball over the net. Clearly, we are having the most fun. Two of the elders on the team are from Hawaii and they are hilarious. One of them is really short and small yet he is like a little beast. He hits the ball harder than anyone in gym. The other one I like to refer to as the gentle giant. He hits the ball really lightly and it goes super high in the air and if the ball is coming at him really fast he´ll just move away. They are all just sweet spirits.
Speaking of sweet spirits, the elders are truly living up to their sweet spirit status this week. So far we have reviewed how many stamps to put on envelopes, had a mini geography lesson (just the basics), and also discussed the goverment system in the United Kingdom which involved explaining  that there was a queen and we also discussed Princess Diana with them. Obviously, it has been a successful week with them. But really, I love them and they really are great elders!
So other than that the week has been pretty boring... just kidding!! Classes are going really well and the time has flown by soooooo fast! I can´t believe I only have a week left here! We are learning so quickly and so well. We have two ¨teaching appointments¨ a day which are woth fake investigators and I can tell that I am getting a lot better at asking questions and really applying the lessons to the investigators.
Also, one thing I forgot to say last week is that Ann Dibb came to speak to us during relief society and she is President Monson´s daughter. Her lesson was really good and then afterwards she let us ask questions about President Monson and it was fun to hear about him from her perspective. In a nutshell, he is a great man and is just as much fun as he seems.  I don´t have my notes with me or otherwise I would share more.
Things are going better with my companion. We are still working on getting ready faster in the morning (and for those of you who are saying ¨I told you so¨, I am actually the first one in my room ready in the morning). But other than that we are getting along. We are definitely different though. She is a little bit more girlier than me and a little bit more dramatic, but hey who isn´t (insert question mark. the keyboard is messed up...)
So yeah, other than that there is really not too much going on. We do have to move into a new dorm room today because they are starting to do construction on the one we are in. It seems kinda silly that they would move us in and then move us out a week later but its alright. The elders are going to move all of our suitcases and what not so it shouldn´t be too much hard work.
Well, I should probably bounce because I am running out of time and I think my laundry is going to be done soon. But I love you all sooooo much and I miss you! Oh, one of the things we are not suppose to call each other is ¨guys¨ so I want you all to try and not use that word. It is a lot harder than it seems! I love you and miss you tons!!
Sister Smith
P.S. Please forward to the appropriate individuals. And I think I got Grandpa´s email wrong in my memory so if you could forward him this and last weeks that would be wonderful!

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