Sunday, April 17, 2011

Please don't hit me with that baseball bat......

Bonjour family and friends!
So, I am still in Utah. I knew that I was still going to be here this past week because it takes about a week to process visas for the UK (or that's at least what I read when I was being held for interrogation at the Home Land Security office/ getting my fingerprinting done there). So this week could be THE week. And no one answered my question about the royal wedding. Thanks. I kinda hope this week is THE week because we got a call from the zone leaders on Saturday telling my two companions that they were going to General Conference, but that I wasn't and I think pretty much all the other sisters are going. I don't really mind because I have already been to General Conference but hopefully this is divine inspiration that the reason they didn't plan for me to go is because I'll already be in the Mother Land and the commute would just be too difficult. You know what I mean?
Anywho, we were tracting this week and there was this one house where the map indicated that the husband was a member of the church but the wife wasn't. So it was in the middle of the day when we went knocking on it and the first time we knocked no one came to the door. And then we knocked again and after about 15 seconds a woman (about in her late 40s) answers the door with a wooden baseball bat in her hand. I was just thinking, who did she think we were? I mean if we were going to rob the house I don't think we would have knocked on the front door and it was midday and all her neighbors were outside. She might have thought we were bookies or something (I mean it wouldn't be the first time in my life that someone has mistaken me for a bookie). But I'm not well acquainted with the bookie population here and I don't think it is very prominent so that explanation is questionable. Ergo, I am highly questioning the necessity of the baseball bat.
Oh, and I messed up the date for Brody's baptism, it is really today instead of the Saturday. So that is really exciting! We were able to do a lot of teaching this week. We are now teaching a foreign exchange student from Germany (shout out to Jathaniel). We are also teaching someone whose parents are from Russia (shout out to Anastasia). The work here is really great and I love having so many great members here to help us out! We are inviting all the members we talk with to invite either a non-member or a less active member to watch General Conference with them. There are so many great things we can learn as we watch General Conference and everyone can feel the Spirit.
Well, I almost got electrocuted last week while I was flying a kite and it got stuck on some telephone wires. But don't worry, it was snowing too so I probably wouldn't have been as hurt. Last week we also hiked to some waterfalls which was fun and today we are going to play volleyball. None of the elders know yet about my Dream Team status at the MTC so they are probably going to be really surprised with my mad skills. But probably not too surprised since I schooled all of them in Apples to Apples last week. I told them, "You gotta play to the judge." 
Well, that's about everything. I do think I pinched a nerve in my neck because I can't turn my neck left but usually it goes away in a few days. You should all be grateful that you are all ambiturners. Well, I love you all and miss you tons! Stay righteous!
Hermana Smith

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