Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Love My Mom

Friends and Family,

I love my mom very much and I am so grateful for the support and comfort that I have received from my family and friends during this difficult time. At the end of this email I am going to put my thoughts to be shared at her funeral so I'm not going to say much now about it but I know that my mom would never want me to give up on anything. I would love to come home now and spend this time with family but I know it would be extremely hard to come back to my mission if I left it now. I know my mom is with me now, encouraging me to continue in this work. I know the next 16 months will be hard, but I know my mom will always be by my side (yelling at the people who slam their doors in my face and singing "We are the Champions" when we schedule someone for baptism), something she wouldn't have been able to do if she was still alive. I just ask for your prayers and continued words of encouragement. I love you all so much and I know I wouldn't have the strength to stay if it weren't for all of you.

I don't really have much to say as far as the rest of the week has gone. The members here have been really supportive and I'm probably the most popular person in the mission right now. I guess while I was waiting for my visa in Provo everybody was wondering why it was taking so long for my visa to get processed. Their conclusion (at least what most of the elders thought) was that I had a tough criminal background and thus had a harder time getting through the background check. They think of me as the "hardcore sister".

There's also a place here called "Fatso's Filling Station". I thought it was both mean and funny.

Well, that's pretty much everything for right now. I love you all and miss you tons!

Sister Smith

Thoughts for my Mother's Service

I love my mother more than any words in any language could ever describe. There is no place I would rather be right now than with all of you, remembering the amazing woman that she is. But I know my mom very well. The one thing she always taught me was to never give up. I would have to be on my death bed in order to get out of any sports practice or dance class. She always told me I had committed to it and I had to be there. In her last email to me she said, "I love you so much and I miss you, but I am so proud of you for doing Heavenly Father's work." When I talked to her on the phone about a week and a half ago to tell her I was finally going to England she was more excited than I was. I have committed to serving the Lord here and I know my mom wants me to stay here. And while I am not there with you all physically, I am there in spirit just as she is.

Perhaps one of my mom's greatest qualities is the one the embarrassed us the most as kids, and that is how friendly she was. No matter where we went, my mom always ended up becoming best friends with everyone around her. During races she always made friends with all the other triathletes, encouraging them to finish the race. Or yelling at us on the soccer field to play our best. She truly was a "Chatty Kathy". She always loved to tell stories as well. No matter how much snow we got it would never compare to the Blizzard of '78 where the roads were shut down and they made snow angels on Route 9. As many times as we heard that story, it was always a fun one to hear.

My mom also loved to serve others. She cared about all those around her and always tried to lighten another's burden. She would put my hair half-up, half-down every day in elementary school and always made sure my peanut butter t jelly ratio was always perfect. Although that seems like a small thing it means a lot to me now. She really did have the pure love of Christ in her. I hope to have the same charity she has some day.

My mom always said her favorite part of any race was biking up the steepest, longest hill. She said it is what made her stronger and gave her the boost she needed to end the race. I know these past couple of years my mom has struggled to bike the hardest hill of her life. But I know now that she is no longer having to endure that pain and hardship and that she has finally reached the top. In Alma 40:12 it reads (I don't have time to type it so please insert it for me Jen). I find peace in knowing that my mom is happier and more relieved than she has ever been at this time. 

I love my mom with all my heart and I will never forget the strength and courage she has been such an example of. I hope to be as good a mom to my kids as she was to all of us.

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  1. I love your reasoning for staying in the mission field during this heartbreaking time. Your mom certainly did teach you commitment and dedication. It was very touching to hear Jacquie read your email during the funeral. You are loved....and missed!